Applies to

StifleR 1.9


This article provides a set of general instructions for the upgrade of older versions of StifleR (1.8 or lower) to the latest 1.9.x.x release. 

The last section of the script provides for the copying of a ModifyLocations.ps1 file (sample provided) along with some tweaks to help set this and the Beacon Server BandwidthTuning values. You should refer to the StifleR Planning and Deployment Guide for the full lists of installation and configuration options available.

As this is a major upgrade we recommend using this scripted approach in order to configure the new options for optimum performance and to avoid error.


Download Scripts:

LINK REMOVED - StifleR 2.0 uses a number of databases that need to be preserved through any upgrade scenario. Hopefully there are no customers out there that are upgrading to v1.9 and therefore this article is legacy only. If you need a copy of the scripts to modify for use with later versions then please contact [email protected]

StifleR Server Install


The latest StifleR Rules file (StifleRulez1.9.xml) should be placed in the existing Virtual Directory where the current StifleRulez.xml files resides. Leave the current file in place.

The following resources should be placed in the same folder.

·         Install_StifleR_Server_Interactive1.ps1

·         Server MSI Installer - StifleR.Installer64.msi

·         ModifyLocation.ps1

·         A valid file

You should also have the following information to hand:

·         The AD Group that will be used for Administrative access to the StifleR Dashboards

·         The intended install location (defaults to c:\program files – you may wish to change this)

PowerShell Script

The script provides a semi-automated method of performing the upgrade. Before running the script – open it and navigate to the following section where you can change the default installation parameters (recommended).

This PowerShell script will firstly:

·         Check IIS Components

·         Check Windows Authentication is installed

·         Make a Backup of LocationData.xml and Configuration Data

·         Remove the old StifleR WMI Namespace

·         Remove any existing StifleR Event Log

·         Launch an Interactive Install

And then post MSI Install:

·         Configure IIS Windows Authentication

·         Edit the StifleR.Service.exe.config and StifleR.Service.Beacon.exe.config files


From an elevated PowerShell session, execute the PowerShell script - Install_StifleR_Server_Interactive.ps1

Once the Script has launched the interactive MSI install – select the following options.

·         Start Screen – Click Next

·         Accept EULA Terms - Click Next

·         Browse to file - Click Next

·         Check boxes for all 3 components - Click Next

·         Run as LocalSystem (default) - Click Next

·         Click button to test port 1414 is available Click Next

·         Accept default website/app pool - Click Next

·         Check destination folder and change if required

·         Accept default Firewall Configuration - Click Next

·         Check the StifleR Admins Group is correct -  domain\group - Click Next

·         Click ‘Install’ to proceed with the install.

Post Install Checks :

·         Check for the License.nfo file (installation folder). If this is missing the service may not be licensed properly.

·         Open the Windows Event Viewer MMC and check that StifleR Server events are being logged.

·         Check for any Errors and/or Warning Events.

·         Check that both the StifleR Service and Beacon Service are running and are not stopped or in any other state.

StifleR Client Install

The StifleR Client install method is unchanged from previous versions. The same command line can be used to install the StifleR Client with one important exception.

The new 1.9 Clients must be configured to download the new StifleRules1.9.xml file. Make sure that the command line for the 1.9 Client install is changed to reflect this.

For example.

Old Command Line:

msiexec /i StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi STIFLERSERVERS=http://yourserverfqdn:1414 STIFLERULEZURL="http://yourserverfqdn/StiflerRules/StifleRulez.xml" UPDATERULESTIMERINSEC=”3600” /qn

New Command Line:

msiexec /i StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi STIFLERSERVERS=http://yourserverfqdn:1414 STIFLERULEZURL="http://yourserverfqdn/StiflerRules/StifleRulez1.9.xml" UPDATERULESTIMERINSEC=”3600” /qn

Post Install Checks:

·         Open the Windows Event Viewer MMC and check that StifleR client events are being logged.

·         Check for any Errors and/or Warning Events.