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Branch Cache General


You notice that some clients on your network are running slowly and you suspect that BranchCache may be affecting performance.


Many computers drawing large amounts of content from one client in a short time period may impact desktop performance.

  • Use performance monitor to check for high service rates to peers. Examine BytesServedToPeers relative to BytesFromCache and BytesFromServer.
    The BranchCache service runs isolated in its own service host.

  • Examine the CPU and memory consumption of the service host process housing the branch caching service.

  • Sustained high rates of service to peers may be evidence of a configuration problem in the branch office. Check to make sure that the other clients in the branch office are capable of servicing data.

  • Clear the cache on the affected client using the netsh branchcache flush command or reduce the cache size on the affected client.


    Reference:- This article has been extracted from the following Microsoft TechNet BranchCache Troubleshooting guide, a link to which you will find over in the “All About BranchCache” section of the 2Pint Software website