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Branch Cache General


Client performance counters show no bytes coming from the cache when accessing BranchCache enabled servers. Clients can still download content from the servers.

This scenario relates to the second Peer client at a Branch that is failing to download content through BranchCache. It has been confirmed that another client at the Branch has BranchCache Cached content and appears to be properly configured for BranchCache sharing.


  • Ensure that BranchCache is enabled and that both clients are configured to use the same caching mode using the netsh branchcache show status command.

  • Ensure that the correct firewall exceptions are set on both clients using the netsh branchcache show status command.

  • Ensure that both clients are connected to the same subnet using the ipconfig command.

  • Make sure the client cache is not full using netsh branchcache show status ALL.


    Reference:- This article has been extracted from the following Microsoft TechNet BranchCache Troubleshooting guide, a link to which you will find over in the “All About BranchCache” section of the 2Pint Software website