Applies to

2PXE Server


Clients fail to successfully PXE boot after changing the IP Address of the 2PXE Server. The client may receive an IP Address but will 'hang' with no further progress.


There is a setting in the 2PXE Configuration file which s set during the initial install. This setting contains the IP address of the server and needs to be updated.

Open the 2PXE 2Pint.2PXE.Service.exe.config file location in the installation folder.

Find the key: BindToIP -  <add key="BindToIP" value=""/> Where xxx etc is the new IP address of the server (or, in a multiple NIC/address server, the IP address that you wish to use)

Restart the 2PXE service.


If using IP Helpers - make sure that you also change the IP Helper to point to the new IP Address, and delete the old one!