Applies to

BranchCache Reporting v3


During the scripted installation of the BranchCache Configuration Manager Reports an error is thrown that indicates that the Reporting Services Folder cannot be found:-

 The item '/ConfigMgr_XXX' cannot be found (where XXX is the Configuration Manager Site Code)


The installation script takes the SiteCode parameter from the installation command line and uses this to look for the Root Folder using the default folder name on the reporting server which should be:-


In this case the error was thrown due to the fact that the default 'ConfigMgr_<sitecode>' folder was not used and a custom folder had been created.


There is an installation command line switch  “RootFolderName” which should be included in the installation command line to point the installer to the custom folder.

-RootFolderName "ConfigMgr_XYZ"  (where ConfigMgr_XYZ is the name of the Root Folder)


The folder name can be identified by navigating to the SQL Server Reporting Services – Report Manager Home page at:-


This can also be reached through the Monitoring – Reporting – Report Manager link in the CM Admin console.