Applies to

StifleR Server 1.4


The following message is written to the StifleR Server log multiple times every second.

Failed to set up Performance tasks. This error can be ignored. Performance with Performance counter .SignalRConnections Reconnected failed with Exception: Instance 'stifler.service.startup' does not exist in the specified Category. StackTrace:


Under certain circumstances the StifleR Server software checks prematurely for the presence of the SignalR performance counters. This error appears randomly on machines that have never had SignalR performance counters on them.

At the time of writing this error has been flagged for investigation however replication is proving difficult in a lab. If you happen to catch this error in a log then please forward to the file to for investigation.

The error is benign and may be ignored.


The Error is benign and may be ignored. Restarting the StifleR Server service resets the connections and the error should disappear.