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In a BranchCache Distributed Mode test environment, you need to rerun the same test using the same download content from the remote source

How To

You may configure the BranchCache client either using the netsh Command Line scripting utility or through PowerShell functions. This article will shows both methods.

The aim is to flush any cached content stored on the BranchCache client computers. This needs to include any Internet Explorer cached content (depending on your testing) as the Windows client will check for content in all local cache locations before any external source.

Basic reset:-

  1. On each of the test lab client computers, open Internet Explorer, then click Tools and Internet Options. On the General tab, click Delete. Delete all content in the Browsing History, Temporary Internet Files, Website Data and Website Files.

  2. On each client delete the BranchCache Cache content:

    netsh branchcache flush (cmd.exe)


    Clear-BCCache -Force (PowerShell)

  3. Optionally on each client clear the Performance Monitor statistics:

    Reset-BC -ResetPerfCountersOnly -Force (PowerShell only I think?)

You can also restart the client to reset the counters.

Hard reset:-

If you do not want to preserve any BranchCache settings in a default scenario, then you can simply run:

        Netsh branchcache reset (cmd.exe)


        Reset-BC -Force (PowerShell)

either of these commands will reset BranchCache to the default configuration, clear the cache and clear all performance counters.