Applies to

StifleR Server 1.4


Installation of the StifleR Server times out and eventually fails with a message dialogue:-

Service ‘2Pint Software StifleR Server@ (StifleR Server) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

The .MSI and StifleR Debug Log (If enabled during setup) give no indication of the root cause.


This error may appear under several different circumstances. These are not necessarily due to installer account privilege.

In this case the error appears due to the fact that the Server onto which the StifleR Server is being installed has not been updated and lacks the required Certificate Revocation List (CRL). At the time of writing an installation will fail on a raw Windows 2012 R2 Server installation that has never touched the internet but installation on an isolated Windows 2016 Server completes without error.


Either update the Server with the latest security updates package or connect the Server to the internet during installation.