Applies to

iPXE Anywhere 2.7


A PXE boot client appears to PXE boot ok and downloads the boot file from the 2PXE Server. It then starts to loop with the following text appearing on screen:-

Contacting 2PXE Server Infrastructure

Configuring (net0 <MACAddress>) . . . . .  ok

Not using DHCP Syslog Server

Not using Proxy DHCP Syslog Server

PXE Server: <ipaddress> Syslog:

Waiting 10 seconds (1/100) ……….. Done Waiting!


Which repeats as per the Waiting countdown counter


2PXE used DHCP Option #252 for this configuration. Unfortunately this proved to be problematic for two reasons; 

  1. WPAD uses Option #252
  2. Several DHCP servers have issues giving out options as high as over 200.



A code change was made to use Option #175 instead, which works for all of our tested DHCP servers.

Option #175 should be configured to point at the 2PXE server, like https://<server.f.q.d.n>:<port>/ Note that this is HTTPS, the ending slash must be present and that this is all lowercase.