In the latest version of StifleR Enterprise you will notice that there is now a Red and Blue Leader present on every subnet at a Location. This is by design and is a product of the improved bandwidth sharing and control between Red Leaders at a location.

Please note that a client can become both Red and Blue Leader at the same time.  You will usually only see a Red/Blue Leader when there are no downloads happening on a Subnet or there is only one client present. Once a download starts then StifleR will appoint separate Red and Blue leader clients. If a site contains only one subnet (no Parent/Child) then only a Red leader is appointed.

Here is the extract from the latest StifleR Planning and Deployment Guide:

Enterprise Environment - Blue Leader
The Blue Leader is a feature of StifleR Enterprise. On each Subnet the Red Leader is responsible for downloading the content across the WAN. On that and all the other subnets at the Location, Blue Leaders are automatically assigned. These Blue leaders are able to communicate with the other Leaders at the Location to facilitate the sharing of cached content between Peers at the local level.

A Blue Leader is basically a Red Leader (Assigned using the same selection process) but stripped of allowed WAN bandwidth consumption.

This feature requires Port 3703 (UDP) to be open for Multicast from Blue Leaders and Clients. All leaders communicate with other leaders on ports 3704 and 3705 (UDP). It is also needed to ensure that the BranchCache port is reachable as well as the Blue Leader BranchCache port, which is typically assigned to the port one above the BranchCache port number.

Note: At the time of writing the Leader communication Ports mentioned above are hard coded into the current version.

Note: BranchCache operates on port 80 by default, so the InterVLAN transfer will be handled on port  80 + 1 = 81. Both of these ports can be used by other applications so please ensure that this is configured properly. To avoid such issues, 2Pint Software always recommends to use a custom port for BranchCache e.g. 1337 which would mean that you would then configure the InterVLAN port to be 1338 (default).

Blue Leaders do not generate V1 Content, only the Red Leaders make these hash calculations.