Applies to

iPXE Server


Ensure that the service is stopped before doing this.

You may run the service directly from either a console or by double clicking the executable from within Windows Explorer. This starts the service in a command prompt window, allowing for simple direct troubleshooting as the boot request rolls through the console window.

When running in interactive mode all debug logging will be pushed to the console window. This will greatly help when you run into issues or want to showcase the technology. Please note that the console runs under the executing user and not the service account (SYSTEM by default) which can lead to access violations.

Note that boot speed can also be greatly reduced as the printing to console may take longer than the actual actions. We recommend that this mode is only used for testing or troubleshooting and is best utilized while booting only a single system.

As an example, the following screen shows the executable being run in interactive mode, failing to bind to HTTP.SYS as the port is being used by another process.