Applies to:

StifleR 2.x


Clients that are expected to appear as Managed are showing in the dashboard as Roaming. The subnet to which they are connected appears in StifleR and is within managed boundaries.

This only occurs on a previously unknown subnet. If the subnet already exists in the StfileR Server database then a client can be assigned to that subnet straight away and will appear as Managed.


When a StifleR client is installed onto, or moved to, a subnet the client is initially marked as Roaming.

The client sends up the subnet details to the StifleR Server which recognises this subnet as one that is not in the database. There are a number of timers that then come into play in order to avoid traffic bottlenecks.

It can take up to 5 minutes to create the Subnet object.

Once created the client may still remain Roaming for up to 15 minutes before finally appearing as Managed.

This used to be faster in previous versions but due to issues around heavy traffic and processing during certain recovery and installation scenarios this was changed by design.