Applies to
StifleR Server - Dashboards

When viewing the StifleR dashboards locally on the StifleR Dashboard Server the web browser appears to be seizing more and more resources. The issue is particularly acute when using Internet Explorer. In testing we have typically seen a 15% jump in CPU activity with just the Summary page open. Even without viewing activity the loads increase.

Servers are generally not optimized for graphics performance. This shifts the load to the CPU. The dynamic nature of the StifleR Dashboards means that they are translating a lot of information on the fly. If pages are left open running in the background then this builds up in cache and requires more and more resources to hold in memory.

We strongly advise to view the Dashboards only on administrative workstations rather than directly on a Server. Servers are generally not built to view graphic applications. In testing, particularly on Internet Explorer, we see a CPU jump of around 15% just with the overview interface running. Due to browser caching, the memory and CPU drain is cumulative and if the dashboards are left open without focus the browser will quickly rob resources over time.

Even on a workstation it is good practice to close down dashboards after use and try to avoid leaving open sessions running.