Applies to

StifleRServer 2.0


Having issues connecting to StifleR Dashboards?

Dashboards have no data displayed?

Access Denied?


That is the question! Here’s some root cause checks

Windows Authentication not enabled?

Negotiate still set in Providers?

Access account not in the appropriate Administration group?

Cntrl – F5?


There are a couple of useful Dashboard IIS Server URLs that can help to narrow things down.

·         http(s)://FQDN.OF.STIFLER.SERVER /stiflerdashboard/ce.png

This tests direct file access and should display the ce.png file as follows:


·         http(s)://FQDN.OF.STIFLER.SERVER:9000/api/test

This link returns a page which contains some very useful security information about the current logged in user: