Applies to

StifleR 1.7


For both Client and Server, the Debug Logging now has 6 levels

1  =  Errors Only

2  = Warning

3  = OK

4  = Informative

5  = Debug

6  = Super Verbose

This is set via <add key="EnableDebugLog" value="0"/> in the .config file.

Please avoid Super Verbose level unless requested by 2Pint Support. It dumps everything – some of which even we don’t understand and when we ask Developers for some explanation they babble on about cancelled or proposed features, deep dark corners of sub routines without end and then while we’re trying to make sense of what they just said – they’re gone, and support guys have to make up stuff to tell you the customer and nobody wins. In fact, on reflection, forget I mentioned it. It just ends up sucking the life out of your CPU, fills up disk space and is generally anti-social (just like developers before they’ve had 2Pints)