Applies to
StifleR Server

The simplest way to add a subnet is automatically by simply installing a client onto that subnet. As soon as the client sends up  inventory information to the StifleR Server the subnet will be auto-created with the correct info.

In some instances it may be desirable to pre-create subnets.

In these cases you will need to provide, at a minimum, the IPAddress and the Gateway MAC address of the subnets that are to be created.

You can then add via PowerShell:

 Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root\StifleR -Path Subnets -Name AddSubnet -ArgumentList "Subnet 1", "00-15-5D-D6-95-7B", "2Pint - London","" , "",102400

(The last value in the above,102400, is the TargetBandwidth for the subnet) 

Or you can use WMIC from a command session:

wmic /namespace:\\root\stifler path Subnets CALL AddSubnet "Description", "Gateway MAC Address", "MyLocation","ParentGUID or blank if no parent subnet","<subnetIDtocreate>",TargetBandwidth ‚Äč