Applies to

StifleR 1.4


Using the screen shots below you will note that the Dashboard shows some figures that seem at odds with those displayed in the Task Manager.

  1. “Used Tot” as 3GB while Task Manager shows memory usage sitting at 2.6 GB.

  2. “Free Memory” sits at 684 MB. This can cause further confusion as total memory is 3.2 GB and if we take the “Used Tot” figure as correct this should read 200 MB (3.2 GB – 3 GB)

  3. “StifleR” (StifleR memory usage) is shown as 77 MB but Task Manager shows “StifleR.Service” consuming 34.3 MB

Figure A. Server Memory Usage Comparison

Figure B. StifleR.Service CPU and memory usage comparison


In the case of Figure A : These discrepancies are caused by rounding errors in both Task Manager and the Dashboard.

The “Used Tot” figure has been rounded from 2.6 GB to 3GB

The “Free Memory” however has used the actual figures to calculate the figure shown:  

3.2 GB – 2.6 GB = 600 MB (all approx.)

In the case of Figure B : The StifleR.Service CPU and Memory figures should not be compared directly as there are delays in the dashboard display. Also, the memory shown in the Dashboard interface is Allocated Memory. Task Manager however displays Used Memory. To add further complexity the StifleR.Service is a .NET application and is also using runtime memory.


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