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StifleR General



NOTE: Do not run StifleR.Server.exe in interactive mode while the Service is running. Always stop the 2Pint Software StifleR Server service before running the executable.

Also visa versa: Please ensure that you close the console before restarting the 2Pint Software StifleR Server service.

This will be addressed in future releases but in the current version <v1.5 there is no warning and you may experience unexpected behaviour. 


From an elevated command prompt start the service manually by double clicking on StifleR.Service.exe:

 Enable debug logging (8)


The screen shot below shows typical startup service logging. Note the Licensing Information:

Press any key to clear the screen output. Disable the debug logging by typing 9 and press enter.

Then enter “2”

Press Enter and review the information:

Followed by 3

Press Enter to return to option menu

Next choose option 5

And enter a subnet from the previous list

Press Enter to return to the default screen.


Start the client in interactive mode by running the StifleR.ClientApp.exe manually from Windows explorer and check the output