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Branch Cache General


Client performance counters show no bytes coming from the cache when accessing BranchCache enabled servers. Branch office clients can still download content from the servers.

BytesAddedToCache does not increase on the first client when accessing the BranchCache-enabled server.


  • The client computer may be retrieving content from the Internet Explorer cache. Be sure to clear the IE cache by selecting Internet Options from the Tools menu, and clicking Delete.
  • Ensure that BranchCache is enabled on the first client using the netsh branchcache show status command.
  • If attempting to access a file share, verify that the latency between the client and server is higher than the minimum threshold.
  • Ensure that the BranchCache feature is installed on the server and is enabled for the protocol under test.
  • Check that the peerdistsvc server has started on both the client and the server.
  • An intermediate proxy may downgrade the outgoing request from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0.
  • If the symptom is specific to file traffic, ensure that the file is not in the transparent cache. Transparent cache is a secondary cache where the file is stored in addition to the BranchCache. Storing the file in the transparent cache enables subsequent reads of the file to be satisfied locally improving end-user response times and savings on WAN bandwidth. To delete transparently cached data, search for Offline Files applet in Control Panel. Click the Disk Usage tab, and then click Delete Temporary Files. Note that this will not clear the BranchCache cache.
  • An intermediate proxy may alter the HTTP request coming from the client. Verify that the proxy does not modify the ACCEPT-ENCODING HTTP header.

Note: ISA 2006 may alter this header. To configure ISA 2006 to function correctly with BranchCache, disable the compression filter.


Reference:- This article has been extracted from the following Microsoft TechNet BranchCache Troubleshooting guide, a link to which you will find over in the All About BranchCache section of the 2Pint Software website