There are a few simple steps before you can start using BranchCache for OSD. The steps can be described as the following steps, regardless of what deployment method you are using:

  • 1.Generating a WinPE image with Support for BranchCache

  • 2.Changing your deployment sequence to enable the BranchCache components in WinPE

  • 3.Optional, change your sequence to move the cache content from WinPE to the new Operating System being deployed.

  • 4.Optional, changing your deployment sequence to work with Image Downloads from a task Sequence in Windows Professional

  • 5.Optional, change deployment sequence to detect an existing BranchCache Cache location on from within WinPE

  • 6.Optional, implement reporting of BranchCache data

Then, all you need to do is to deploy using your favorite systems management tool and away you go! For more infor on each of these steps, please read on in the KB..