Applies to

OSD Toolkit 1.9 or later


WinPEGen.exe has been used to modify the WinPE boot image without error. BCEnabler is run during the OSD Task Sequence but the BranchCache Service will not start.

If you are familiar with the modified boot images that are created by WinPEGen.exe and you mount the new image you may notice that there appear to be files missing from the image.

If you use F8 command line support during the OSD process you will note that BranchCache is not available.


Using a patched OS source/media, when WinPE is not updated.

WinPEGen.exe generates an image that requires that the WinPE image be at the same patch level as the OS Source (Not just version level).


WinPEGen.exe requires that the source boot image version matches the OS media version. Therefore the sequence is as follows:-

1.       Modify your boot.wim image as usual using WinPEGen.exe

2.       Add the appropriate CU to the image.

Note #1: We have a couple of scripts (please read the README.txt) that can help automate this process which you can download from here:

Note #2: OSD Builder is another good community solution for keeping both OS Media and WinPE Media updated:

Note #3: Windows 10 v1909 deployments are using Windows ADK 10 v1903, so you need to use the Windows 10 v1903 media for WinPEGen.exe.